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Founded by Nicolas Jacquemin and Nicolas Paulmier, Marker has been built on the values of extreme sports: commitment, passion, and innovation. This duo, enriched with diverse experiences, has successfully developed a unique expertise. Beyond the realm of sports, our agency has made a mark in various sectors such as events, luxury, hospitality, and gastronomy, showcasing our adaptability and recognition in these domains.

Our strength lies in our consistent ability to adapt and respect the specific codes of each industry, while infusing our touch of originality.



Whether it's skillfully handling a camera to create content or meticulously managing the organization of a shoot from A to Z, our versatility is at the core of our success. Our expertise, honed in the demanding fields of events and audiovisual production, allows us to merge these skills to bring life to your most ambitious projects.


From conception to filming, all the way to post-production, our agency masters the entire spectrum of audiovisual and photography professions. We commit to delivering content that perfectly aligns with your requirements and is tailored to the specific objectives of your campaign.

From project conception to final delivery, we take full responsibility for the entire production chain. Each stage is meticulously designed for precision and efficiency, while adhering to agreed-upon deadlines and budgets. Our approach focuses on ensuring a smooth flow of the shoot, with the primary goal of maintaining optimal quality at every phase of the process.


In the realm of your artistic direction, we support you from the initial conception or redesign of your logo to the selection of typography and colors of your brand guidelines. Our aim is to provide you with a visual identity coherent with your industry while implementing strategies to position your brand distinctively and memorably in the minds of consumers.


We assist you in constructing your communication plan. We stay informed about developments, trends, and social media codes. This vigilance enables us to offer advice tailored to the ever-evolving digital landscape, optimizing your online presence.


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